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I'm a new listener, where should I start?

Our most recent season started in fall 2020 with Episode 1: Schoonarooni, and is a great intro to the crew as they begin in a new adventure! 

Where can I find more of that sweet Nerd Poker content?

Our Patreon is your best bet- join us there for behind-the-scenes goodies, plus bonus episodes, giveaways and more. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook,  and Instagram, and there's a listener-run Nerd Poker subreddit as well!

Do you have merch?

We sure do!  Check out Ye Olde Nerd Poker Shoppe for tees, hoodies and more.

I have fan art, how can I share it?

Tag or send it to us on Instagram, or post it with hashtag #nerdpokerart . We love to see everyone's takes on our characters and world.

I have snail mail for you. Where can I send it?

Nerd Poker, P.O. Box 16069, Encino, CA 91416

Where can I listen to the original Earwolf episodes?

Earwolf has moved those episodes behind a paywall- they're currently available to subscribers of Stitcher Premium.

Did you forget Gerry?


Cast + Crew

Brian Posehn, Founder

Brian Posehn has been busy for a while. From TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, The Sarah Silverman Program, Seinfeld, and HBO’s seminal Mr. Show With Bob and David, to films like the Devil’s Rejects, The Five Year Engagement, and Uncle Nick.

He tours comedy and rock clubs across the country, and in the last several years has cowritten 45 issues of the best-selling Marvel comic book series Deadpool as well as his first book, Forever Nerdy, a collection of essays about his life.

Follow Brian on Twitter

Dan Telfer, Dungeon Master

Dan Telfer’s stand-up albums have been #1 in the iTunes Comedy section, and his jokes about dinosaurs have been on TV and quoted in Time Magazine.

He has appeared on @midnight, where he was also a social media producer and helped earn 2 Outstanding Interactive Program Emmys.

Currently his day gig is Narrative Lead for Fandom Tabletop and Cortex RPG.

Follow Dan on Twitter

Blaine Capatch

Blaine Capatch is a comedian and writer who has worked on @midnight, MAD TV, the Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis, the Latin Grammys, Mind of Menci...well, you get the idea.

He has also hosted the legendary Mexican wrestling/burlesque extravaganza LUCHA VA-VOOM for almost twenty years.

Blaine's work has been featured in MAD Magazine and he couldn’t be happier.

Follow Blaine on Twitter

Sarah Guzzardo

Sarah Guzzardo is a writer living in Los Angeles. A series of odd jobs and a cooler-like ability to be employed at start-ups that folded within a year of her hire date led to, among other things, the creation of a now-retired blog featuring nightmarish job postings (

She’s been a D&D player and enthusiast since age ten, when staying up to date on gaming trends meant frequent bike rides to the library to peruse back issues of Dragon magazine.

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Ken Daly

Ken Daly is a writer, producer and actor whose credits include Mr. Show, The Usual Suspects, and Stan Against Evil.

He is also a bird.

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Chris Tallman

Chris Tallman has been performing comedy since 1987. You’ve seen him on The Thundermans, Community, Comedy Bang! Bang!, and Reno 911!

He’s a creator, too, the brains behind and star of the sci-fi comedy series TimeBelt, which can be seen at

Feature credits include Werner Herzog’s Rescue Dawn and Reno 911!: Miami, in which he was attacked by an alligator.

Follow Chris on Twitter

Sam Kieffer, Engineer

Sam is the keeper of sound quality and the deliverer of our excellent episode recaps. 

He still cannot believe that Ken is a bird.

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